Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich, D.C. B.C.N.

Chiropractor Los Alamitos CA Elizabeth Weidlich

Dr. Weidlich DCBCN is an author & founder of Vitality Wellness. She is Board Certified in Neuropathy and Chronic Intractable Pain in addition to being Board Certified as a Chiropractor in California. Dr. Weidlich studied nutrition studies in undergraduate school at Long Beach State University.

Dr Elizabeth Weidlich is the author of the book Neuropathy Solutions, which provides insight into the healing of damaged nerves in neuropathy. In her book, she describes the advanced therapeutic technologies and nutritional support required to reverse peripheral neuropathy and help those suffering and struggling with this neurodegenerative and progressive disease. Not only does she provide hope for those suffering but she applies her treatment methods to help her patients with a 96% success rate!

She has been in practice since 1995 and also has 20 years of experience teaching exercise classes including healthy back, stretching and pilates. She also created a pilates DVD to increase her outreach. Dr. Weidlich also volunteers her time providing health and wellness lectures and workshops on various topics to promote healthy living & wellness in her community.

She is also certified in Kennedy Non-surgical Spinal Decompression to help patients suffering with sciatica and disc related pathologies.

She published her first book in 2014: Journey to Wellness: Your Guide to Pain Free, Optimum Health, as well as publishing articles in local papers including the Seal Beach Sun & Event News Enterprise for several years. Dr. Weidlich places high importance on education and community outreach.

Her YouTube channel on peripheral neuropathy is designed to provide her subscribers with education on neuropathy, studies and advanced technology being used to save nerves and reverse neuropathy. She is passionate about helping neuropathy patients stop the nerve damage so they may get their quality of life back.

Vitality Wellness is a proud member of the Blueprint Healthcare Network (BHN). The BHN is a network of doctors with similar values that work together & support one another in the focus of the root cause of chronic health conditions, with the intention of changing our communities one life at a time.

By using natural approaches, hundreds of doctors are helping thousands of patients in their communities with conditions like neuropathy, knee pain, weight loss, metabolic conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, and more. Blueprint Healthcare Doctors manifest Health, Wellness & Happiness through Innovation and Excellence.


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