"I get to sleep better. My feet used to burn every night, now they only burn once in a blue moon and it's less uncomfortable. I took my granddaughter to Disneyland and walked for 6.5 hours. I feel really good!"

- Barbara J.

"After coming in with excruciating back pain & neuropathy in my feet and drop foot, I now walk better and have more movement in my foot. I can feel my feet and move my feet and toes much better now!"

- Oscar F.

"I was very anxious about my neuropathy worsening, now I have hope because I know I'm getting better! I can sleep now! I don't have to constantly worry or look down at my feet when I walk. My legs don't have that dead feeling anymore. I CAN DANCE, and that's beautiful!

- Paula D.

"Before starting this program, it was very difficult to find shoes I could tolerate; now I can wear ANY shoes ALL DAY LONG! I can walk all day long with no pain! I feel everything! I have improved 100%."

- Juanita G.

"I have sustained improvement with my neuropathy. From 1-10, my pain is about a 1 most days now, before I started the program it was around an 8 most days! My friends comment that I walk better, even when I'm wearing shoes!"

- Anonymous

"I can walk better. I can do more activity. Sleep better because I don't feel pain. I don't need my scooter or walker anymore because my balance is better! I can now travel when before treatment I was worried I wouldn't be able to. I was worried I wouldn't be able to. I lost more than 23 lbs!!"

- Leona S.

"My feet are not hurting when I go to bed, they don't wake me up anymore! I'm no longer taking ANY medications for my neuropathy."

- Dan P.

"I no longer have pins and needles in my feet! I can walk more and better, I don't have to shuffle anymore. My feet don't hurt as much, my balance has improved. I don't have to switch shoes as often because my feet aren't hurting. I'm also eating healthier!"

- Gloria L.

"I am not as numb anymore. I am off Gabba Pentin, off pain meds for feet pain! As treatment progressed, I got better and better. It's changed my life. I can tell there is ongoing improvement."

- Judy R.

"I can feel there is no more pain when getting out of the car. I can move around on my sides now when I sleep, where before I couldn't. There is decreased swelling around my ankles too. I still have this 'dead bug' feeling in the middle of my buttocks, I still have pain while sitting, walking and sleeping. But, I can move better now without sciatica pain."

- Charity C.

"When I first came to Vitality Wellness, I was shaky and in a lot of pain. My balance was off, my right hand wasn't always controllable, and my head was numb – it felt as if it were draining on the right side. My back would jerk, jump, and tingle like electricity was going through my body. My pain level was in the 10+ range. I was a bit leery because I've seen so many chiropractors in the past. But I truly believe God directed me here. It was really about totally trusting him and taking one step at a time. It’s hard for me to trust because I've been going through this for 30+ years. I just feel the doctors want to keep you on pills your whole life. I feel better since I've seen Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich. My body still jumps but not as bad as it used to. The ringing in my ear is still there, but it is finally getting under control. My overall pain is no longer constant. But I am glad Dr. Weidlich is helping me get through my life journey to a pain level of zero."

- Denise W.


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