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your solution to Painful, tingling, Burning and numb feet.

Private Online Coaching with a Neuropathy Specialist. 
We Provide The Supplies. We Educate. You Implement.
Natural & Effective. No Drugs. No Surgery. Just Results!

Neuropathy Treatment

At Vitality Wellness, we strive to help patients receive the long-term care and treatment they need to heal. Contact our clinic today to see how our neuropathy team in Los Alamitos can help!

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My family doctor doesn't seem to fully understand my neuropathy or be able to help.

Their only suggestion is taking pills, but that hasn't really helped.

 I even saw a neurologist who did some nerve tests, but didn't offer up any solution.

I know there's got to be something to help my neuropathy. I just need the What and How.

I'm done buying "miracle" creams and pills that don't work.

The numbness, tingling, burning and/or pain started on one side, but now it's in both feet and getting progressively worse.

I'm tired of dealing with neuropathy and ready to feel better again!

here's How it works 

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    Discuss your unique nerve symptoms with a neuropathy specialist over the phone.

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    Receive a complete neuropathy evaluation to determine if you're a good candidate.

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    We send you everything you'll needto get started and effectively address your neuropathy.

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    Begin your at-home program with personal, 1 on 1 guidance every step of the way.

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    You enjoy a healthy, high-quality life and freedom from neuropathy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this at-home program different from other things I've tried?

For starters, our doctors/coaches are board-certified in neuropathy.  Most providers are the "jack of all trades" and the master of none.  Neuropathy is our specialty.

The foundation of our program is built around addressing all 4 of the most common factors involved in neuropathy: Neurological, Structural, Soft Tissue, and Lifestyle/Metabolic factors.

While some may offer one thing here or there that may help, in our program, you get them all giving you the greatest possible chance of improvement. 

What is the success rate?

For 10-15% of people, it will be a total cure! Neuropathy will be completely gone!

For 5-10% of people, there will be minimal changes. Generally, this occurs either due to non-compliance or other previously unidentified physiological complications.

The vast majority (75% +) will experience between 50-80% improvement in symptoms at the end of their program. Please keep in mind, this is a fantastic improvement! Neuropathy is a difficult condition and the most popular neuropathy drugs on the market only claim a 32% success rate at decreasing nerve symptoms. We more than double that and it's all drug-free!

How exactly does the at-home program work?

Our neuropathy coaching program is delivered 100% virtually (online) with ongoing one-on-one consultations with Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich.

As one of our clients, you will receive the supplies and the education that you will need to get better and stay better. Your job is simply to implement and follow the guided program. It's simple and highly effective. Over the course of your recommended program, we will meet virtually and advise you every step of the way.

How Long Will it Take For My Feet To Feel Better?

Most clients feel improvement within the first few weeks! It's important to remember, however, everyone is different and it will depend on the severity and complexity of your condition. We will work with you closely during the entirety of your program to help you turn your neuropathy around. 

How we can help

Some people are okay with the traditional medicine model of drug dependence for symptom relief. Some people are okay with accepting the risks that accompany medications and letting their condition go on with only the symptoms being addressed. Those people are not our patients. Our patients understand that their health is their life, and their health is the most valuable thing they possess.

Our patients value their health and their life and they take responsibility to maintain the life they choose to lead. Our patients are health-motivated, they understand the importance of being responsible for their health, and they take action to pursue their own well-being. Our patients are not perfect, they may fall down sometimes but that is why we practice a team approach. We support you through all the setbacks to achieve your goals and your needs. Don’t suffer in pain. Call us today.

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Benefits of Having your own personal neuropathy coach

  • Work one-on-one with a Board-Certified Neuropathy Specialist

  • All recommendations are tailored to your unique needs.

  • Find the underlying root causes that may be currently preventing you from getting the results you want.

  • Receive a personalized plan and get help implementing at every step along the way

  • Have a question? Enjoy direct email access to our expertise as neuropathy specialists.

  • Cost Effective! DIY care at home, with the guidance of your own specialist, saves you roughly 50% of a similar in-office neuropathy program

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