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Looking for a solution to your nagging neuropathy pain?

Our at home neuropathy program is prescribed and guided by Neuropathy Specialist,
Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich DCBCN. We provide the therapies.

Neuropathy Treatment

Welcome to, your neuropathy solution. At Vitality Wellness, we strive to help patients receive the long-term care and treatment they need to heal. Contact our clinic today to see how our neuropathy team can help!

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Our home care options allow us to help patients who live close or far away from our clinic. Our home care also saves patients a lot of TIME and MONEY versus in clinic treatments! We have expertise in this as our patients have completed many home treatments with our guidance!


  • Call Our Clinic

    Dr. Weidlich will review your case and recommend the best home protocol for you. All paperwork can be completed online!



    Either by phone or in clinic, we will instruct you on how to perform the home treatments. All protocols come with easy-to-follow instructions and guides!



    Home treatments are safe, effective and done while relaxing at home watching tv or reading a book. Patients says it’s easy to do!


  • Follow Up Support

    Our clinic makes regular check in calls and can help guide you through the process if you have any further questions.



    Most patients will begin to notice improvements in as little as 2-4 weeks.



    While most clinics want you coming back in monthly for maintenance treatments, our patients use their home program to maintain their results.

What About Other Neuropathy Treatments?

Unlike prescription medications that only mask the problem, our program addresses the underlying damage by stimulating regeneration of the blood vessels and nerves that cause your symptoms.

Our clinic differs from most other neuropathy clinics because our program is done mostly by the patients at home. We have found our patients are looking for this option as it saves them time and money versus in clinic-only treatments.

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Neuropathy Treatment Los Alamitos CA Our Home Program

here's How it works 

  • Step 1 Graphic

    Consultation with Board certified in Neuropathy Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich DCBCN

  • Step 2 Graphic

    Receive a complete neuropathy evaluation to ensure that this will be a good fit.

  • Step 3 Graphic

    Receive everything you need and begin your at-home neuropathy treatment.

  • Step 4 Graphic

    You'll receive personal, 1 on 1 guidance every step of the way as you progress through your program.

  • Step 5 Graphic

    Maintain your results and get back to the life you deserve without neuropathy pain getting in the way.

How we can help

Some people are okay with the traditional medicine model of drug dependence for symptom relief. Some people are okay with accepting the risks that accompany medications and letting their condition go on with only the symptoms being addressed. Those people are not our patients. Our patients understand that their health is their life, and their health is the most valuable thing they possess.

Our patients value their health and their life and they take responsibility to maintain the life they choose to lead. Our patients are health-motivated, they understand the importance of being responsible for their health, and they take action to pursue their own well-being. Our patients are not perfect, they may fall down sometimes but that is why we practice a team approach. We support you through all the setbacks to achieve your goals and your needs. Don’t suffer in pain. Call us today.

Benefits of Having your own personal neuropathy coach

  • Private & Discrete from Home.

  • No Time Wasted driving for in-clinic treatments. We also can help patients who live far from our clinic.

  • Save Money! Home care is much cheaper than in clinic are.

  • FDA Cleared devices for home use.

  • Our Clinic Experience! We’ve guided many home sessions by our patients. Our doctor is only a phone call away if needed.

Quote Marks

"After coming in with excruciating back pain & neuropathy in my feet and drop foot, I now walk better and have more movement in my foot. I can feel my feet and move my feet and toes much better now!"

Oscar F.

"Before starting this program, it was very difficult to find shoes I could tolerate; now I can wear ANY shoes ALL DAY LONG! I can walk all day long with no pain! I feel everything! I have improved 100%."

Juanita G.